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"When people show you who they are, believe them"
-Dr. Maya Angelou

December 5

Enter At Your Own Risk!!!

#MyLifeMatters #NowandLater #MyLifeMatters #MyLifeMatters #MyLifeMatters “…One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” I can remember as a kid placing my right hand over my chest and the pride I felt because I was able to recite “THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.” It’s true as a kid I didn’t understand the meaning of all the words, but the older I got, my understanding of those words grew. And because of that, I spoke it with even more pride. In regards to the recent events going on in THIS country, my experiences then weren’t as blatant as they are now, BUT the words I use to be so proud to speak, now give me a very sarcastic reaction. “Justice for ALL” Is NOT what this country believes nor is it anything close to what this country practices. One of my goals in life is to please my Creator and to have him say Well Done!!!! So, I try my best to live in a way that is right in his eyes. I treat people the way I would want to be treated, I try not to put myself in compromising situations, and most importantly I try to live in LOVE, understanding that not all people operate in the same manner. The neighborhood I come from is what most people would consider an at risk area, consisting of 85%(probably more but lets just say) black people, but the schools I went to was mostly dominated by white people. So, I can safely say I grew up in place that had a good mixture of both peoples. I’m not naïve enough to suggest that there were never any groanings of the sort while growing up, but for the most part those groanings weren’t as strong as it is today. I’m now realizing that I have been NAIVE, that there have been blinders that for a very long time, left me insensitive, unintelligent, unaware to the trials of my people. I’ve been living in a world that suggest “well because it doesn’t happen to me, it must not happen.” Well ever since, the Trayvon Martin case I’ve tried to pay more attention to these kinds of situations and give more attention to my feelings regarding the situations. What didn’t register to me before has been made very clear to me now: BLACK lives don’t matter in this country. NOW, I know there will be some people that say “Well, I believe that all lives matter, and I treat all people with respect, and I don’t see color, I see people and so on…” GREAT!!!! Continue to live your lives in this way, it’s how I live my life as well…BUT this message isn’t for YOU, actually it’s isn’t for anyone…it’s for me to get this immense weight off my chest and my thoughts out of my head, so that I can forgive, love and continue to pray for ALL the other people who don’t act and behave as if black lives matter. Our country is failing miserably at living up to “Justice for all”, where is the justice for Trayvon Martin’s family, or Mike Brown’s family, or Eric Garner’s family, or Tamir Rice’s family and I’m sure the list goes on and on and on. What is it about our skin color that automatically means fear us or even kill us without even a second thought? I ask God and he’s still speaking to my heart about the issue. But my heart is heavy, I want answers, I want to know what kinds of options will my nephews and my future sons have? What kind of quality of life will they have, if this is what they are growing up in? How do I answer? What can I possibly tell my soon to be 10 year old nephew when he asks me why did that cop choke Eric Garner, why didn’t he listen to him when he said he couldn’t breathe???? Do I tell him the truth? Do I tell him when you get older, actually scratch that, you are a young black man (I actually tell him he’s a KING) and because of that people will automatically fear you, they will prejudge you, they will make an assessment of your character before you ever open you mouth? He’s 10 so yes; he’s at that age, where his street smarts is just as important as his scholastic education, it might be the thing that saves his life one day. He has to be prepared, even now, for the possibilities of what could happen in this “indivisible” nation. Now, there will also be people who try to throw black on black crime into the equation. Black on Black crime is a huge issue in our community and something that we need to be more adamant about dealing with. It’s an issue that we need to put just as much focus into as we do about other injustices, but it is NOT an excuse to justify the killings and blood shed of innocent black lives. To all the people who bring up this “point (I mean excuse)”, what does black on black crime have to do with the fact that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed kid, in surrendering position??? Please show me the correlation? I’d like to have a better understanding on how black on black crime relates to the fact that a corpse lay in the streets for hours without even a thought to cover the body, shit we treat road kill better than that. This strikes me as total disregard for a man’s life. I think people bring up black on black crime because they are uncomfortable with admitting that, we, as “One nation under God” , aren’t really ONE nation. They try to deflect from the harsh realties, so that it wont make them feel bad about their own lives and the civil “Liberties” they enjoy on a day to day basis, because they don’t have the same skin tone. I’m glad you have those liberties, I just wish my nephews were afforded the same liberties, and I wish that some people would just acknowledge that there are some inherent differences on how one person is treated compared to the other based solely on skin color. And rather argue with me about my communities internal struggle with violence, you can help, by focusing on teaching your kids that ALL lives matter, teach your kids not to prejudge someone by the color of their skin, Yes, black kids are killing off one another, but apparently YOUR kids have been taught to kill us as well, the only difference is YOUR kids disguise themselves as people who are to serve and protect and we all know they can/will/and have gotten away with it. Some people will be surprised, shocked, or even disappointed hearing these things comes from me. AND I’m not surprised, because I was just as surprised, shocked, and even disappointed hearing certain things from you as well. My social media pages need a nice spring-cleaning, not because I can’t agree to disagree with another person, more so because our moral views on what is right and what is wrong are on two different ends of the spectrum. I can have a respectful and intelligent conversation and continue on…but what I can’t and won’t have are people who associate with me but wholeheartedly believe that black lives don’t matter and killings of these most recent black lives were justified. Some people will call me racists and ignorant (people that know me, know I’m far from either), some people will say “I’m sick of the sob story (you are the WORSE people)”, lots of opinions will be tossed out there, and I really don’t care. These things have been brewing inside of me for the past few days and I know this doesn’t apply to ALL people. So if you find yourself being offended by my words, feel free to CHECK YOURSELF, NOT ME!!!! function resizeIframe(obj) { { obj.style.height = 0; }; { obj.style.height = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }
April 1

My Open Prayer

All wise and eternal God, I come to you acknowledging that you are a GOOD and gracious GOD, you are a sovereign GOD and you make no mistakes, Lord. I know that you are capable of doing anything but FAIL and for that I give you praise, honor and glory. I bow my head to you with a heavy heart, not for myself but for a kid I don't even know.  Lord, as I read the news about Natalie Achonwa and her season ending injury, by tearing her ACL, my spirit became extremely saddened. Throughout this tourney, I've watched this kid play and became quite the fan. Not because of her statistics but because of the way she played and carried herself, I really don't know if this young lady is a believer, but I stand in the gap, pleading on her behalf.  Father, I come to you asking that you be a pillar of strength for this young lady. Father, as the days ahead approach there will be times when all she can do is cry, so I pray for courage, to surge ahead despite not wanting to, to not allow this to discourage her from her purposes in you. I pray that you could use this time to be glorified through her injury. I pray that she can be a light and a vessel to her teammates, I pray that when they see her and the strength that she displays that they would see your reflection. I pray that her attitude during this time will mirror that of Christ. When Christ experienced sadness he came to you, I pray that this incident causes this young lady to become closer to you, to become more intimate with you, to seek your face in the midst of something difficult. Father, in your word you tell us that you have not given us a spirit of fear, so as the enemy tries to creep in and instill fear about the uncertainty of her future, I pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort her and remind her, that she is soooo precious, that she is child of the most high God and that she belongs to you, that in this time, you and your grace is more than enough. I pray that during this time that you would enlarge her territory in other aspects of her life. I pray that she knows and understands that her identity is not wrapped up in the game of basketball, Father God I pray that you would open her spiritual eyes and allow her to see and understand spiritual truths behind this whole situation.  Father, you are to be praised and glorified far more than I can express with words, But, I thank you Father because you've allowed this young lady to shine bright on such a stage as the NCAA women's basketball tournament. But more importantly Father, I thank you, that in a time of uncertainty and while hundreds of thousands of people were watching, her FAITH in you didn't waiver, that at the same time she stated her and her family believe in the power of prayer. Glory to you, God Almighty. I thank you, because I know you will be a God that heals, a God that heals her not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I thank you, that you will be a God that will provide for her during this time. I thank you, that you are Jehovah Shalom, and you will provide her peace during this time. Lord, I thank you because you've already answered these prayers.  Lord, I thank you for what you are teaching ME through all of this. I thank you that I've been learning about how you speak to us. Lord, today I read scripture from Luke 22:31-32 "Simon, Simon, satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have PRAYED for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back strengthen you brothers."  As Jesus prayed for Simon, so by the prompting of my spirit, I pray for Natalie, Lord. I pray as the enemy tries to break her, I pray that you be her source and that her faith not fail her but that her faith indeed strengthens her.  Lord, I claim that you have already received my prayer!  In Jesus name,  Amen function resizeIframe(obj) { { obj.style.height = 0; }; { obj.style.height = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }
March 30


A GREAT weekend of women's basketball!!!! The top two #1 seeds took care of business, as we all expected. Uconn got tested a little, which may be good for the next coming rounds, probably the first time they encountered some adversity all year long, they handled it by just wearing down on the fearless BYU team...just too much of everything for Uconn. ND took care of business, Baylor got sweet sweet revenge in a big way....should be great elite eight matchup between the Fighting Irish and Lady Bears.  I failed completely in my Stanford bracket. Both Stanford and North Carolina advance to the Elite Eight. Sad for my Lady Lions but proud of what they accomplished this year. Now I'm looking forward to seeing a high scoring game between Stanford and North Carolina. North Carolina struggled with post play by S. Carolina and now they play the top post player in the NCAA. Stanford on the other hand did an amazing job in guarding Maggie Lucas, now they have another dynamic scorer at the guard position, let's see how this plays out.  And how about that kid from Maryland???? Alyssa Thomas???? She was just amazing...she literally willed her team to an Elite Eight ticket, and now she'll go up against Louisville and their feisty defense along with Shoni Shimmel who enjoys playing the game and plays with a flash that not many can match. Looking forward to this match up as well.  The funs begins tomorrow....here are my FINAL FOUR picks UCONN NOTRE DAME STANFORD LOUISVILLE Dance on Ladies......Dance on.... function resizeIframe(obj) { { obj.style.height = 0; }; { obj.style.height = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }